When the time comes to move- whether you’re moving to a new house, an apartment, or even assisted living you can often be overwhelmed with where to start.

That’s where Long’s Senior Transitions comes in. We can handle any job whether it is large or small. Long’s Senior Transitions will

help make your move as smooth as possible by being the primary point of contact, we are here to give you peace of mind.



Nice to meet you! I’m a third-generation mover and would love to help you through the transition to ensure the moving process is seamless. Contact me today to schedule a free consultation.

-Free in-home consultation

-Experienced guidance

-Review new floor plans

-Checklist of items to move

-Relocation plan/timetable

-Point of contact for all services


Home organization services

-Distribution of items to family, sale, or disposal

-Document shredding

Moving/Move-in Services

-Moving local and long distance

-Moving checklist




-Furniture placement

Home Sale Services

-Realtor referrals

-Home inspection

-Home repairs/contractors